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Covid Guard

All our Covid Guards are bacteria resistant tempered glass, instead of plastic that leaches harmful chemicals into our environment. Plastic can also hold bacteria. Our posts are stainless steel or aluminum with a satin brushed finish. 30  inches in height with a 3 inch pass through at the bottom. Custom width and height can be changed to fit your specific requirements.


Frontier™ Full Protection Sneeze Guard.

Our Frontier™ full protection sneeze guards are utilized where the patrons order their items from the front of the guard. A chef or wait staff then serves the patrons from the back of the guard utilizing the top shelf.

Skyliner™ Full Protection Sneeze Guard.

Our Skyliner  model showing a continuous run, utilizes two posts per panel of safety glass to span the length needed for protection of the food. Available in one inch square tubing as well as one and one quarter of a inch square tubing.


COVID-19 Guard Posts

COVID End Posts
Covid posts are 30.0" & 36.0" inches in height, heavy wall aluminum square tubing with one channel and a one quarter of a inch thick four hole mounting base plate. Each post has a satin brushed finish. Posts are ready to install out of package. When ordering you will need two Skyliner™ End Posts to complete one guard (glass not included). Posts have a three to six inch pass- through between the tempered safety glass and the counter. Price varies according to height of post. Custom heights are available for an additional cost. All Catalina Food Protection LLC™ posts are proudly made in the USA.

Custom Sneeze Guard built to architectural drawings

Custom Guard


Skyliner™ Full protection top to bottom guardGuard

This Guard extends to top of flame grill area with 1 inch air gap at bottom.

9 foot Glass to Glass dry pastry case with 3 overlapping sliding doors

Features 3 overlapping rear sliding doors.


Skyliner™ continuous run Sneeze Guard 

Skyliner™ is a trade mark of Catalina Food Protection LLC. Skyliner is a full protection vertical sneeze guard post. Each post features heavy duty

1 1/4"square aluminum tubing with a heavy wall thickness for strength. Our base plates are 3" square and 1/4" thick. Channel for the glass have a 3/8" opening to accommodate 1/4"and 3/8"thick monolithic tempered safety glass (glass not included). We also have other sizes of base plates to accommodate any mounting configurations. All posts feature our Satin Brushed finished. Call with any questions. A sample post is available upon request (Skyliner). USA made and assembled from foreign and domestic parts.

Skyliner™ Sneeze Guard-featured in stainless steel


Custom Bread Cases

Wholesale Direct™ Do-it-yourself Sneeze Guard Posts.

Skyliner™ DIY Posts save $$$ and time. You provide your own tempered safety glass and install it yourself. Each post is pre-packaged in various vertical heights of 12.0", 18.0" and 24.0" and are available in a End Post, Divider Post, Corner Post, 3-Way and a 4-Way Post configuration.


In Stock Pricing

Skyliner™ End Posts
12.0" $55.00 each
18.0" $60.00 each
24.0" $65.00 each

Skyliner™ Divider Post
12.0" $58.00 each
18.0" $65.00 each
24.0" $73.00 each

Skyliner™ Corner Post
12.0" $63.00 each
18.0" $70.00 each
24.0" $78.00 each

Skyliner™ 3-Way Posts
12.0" $68.00 each
18.00 $75.00 each
24.0" $85.00 each

Skyliner™4 -Way Posts
12.0" $78.00 each
18.0" $83.00 each
24.0" $95.00 each
(wholesale pricing as of October 2020)
Pricing is subject to change without notice. 

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Catalina Food Protection LLC started in 1991 with a concept as a industry leading manufacturer producing top-of-the-line products. Other than our DIY Sneeze Guard Posts, our guards feature a "floating glass" look. There is no clips, holes or channels to collect dirt or food debris.
We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. By keeping a pulse on upcoming trends, we’ve gained a competitive edge that has made us the successful company we are today.

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Skyliner™ Full Protection Sneeze Guard.

Server Deluxe™ Self Serve Sneeze Guard.

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